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To Scotland and Back

An American Story by Robert G. Coston

Robert G. Coston, was born in Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland on April 28, 1937.

He attended Carver Elementary School and Carver High School in Towson, Maryland, where he was raised and spent the first 19 years of his life. After attending Morgan State College for one year he joined the United States Air Force where he spent the next five years and one month 1956-1961. After one year of basic and technical training in the United States he was stationed in Edinburgh, Scotland for the next three years.

He returned to the States for his last year of service and returned to Scotland to remain for the next fourteen years 1961-1975. Upon his arrival in Scotland he was employed in a large packaging printing plant where he increased his knowledge of printing by attending the Glasgow College of Printing and the University of Sussex, in England. He also studied Industrial Sociology at the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland.

Upon his return to the United States in 1975, he enrolled at Southeastern University, and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. After spending some considerable time in private industry he gained employment in the federal government as a Printing Officer.

He is in the process of completing his first book which is an autobiography of his African American heritage starting in historic East Towson, Maryland, USA, as it pertains to him and his immediate family and their slave heritage. Robert has first hand knowledge of his background in East Towson as well as some of the stories and pictures of life in Towson as was told and given to him by both his grandmother and great grandmother.

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To Scotland and Back Bob Coston

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