Book Cover To Scotland and Back

To Scotland and Back

An American Story by Robert G. Coston

In Bob Coston's book he mentions Sassafras Tea and Poke Salad. We asked Mr. Coston if he could describe how these are made:

“Sassafras Tea”

Sassafras Tea is made or brewed from the roots of the sassafras tree and used to grow in the wild which made it readily available to the slaves during the times of slavery.

It is a very aromatic herbal tea which has a very distinct and pleasant flavor. At first it was brewed or made by boiling the sassafras tree roots to make the tea. Now it is more refined and is available in Health and Herbal stores and is available in a ground root form and is sold by the ounce. It is a very healthy and pleasant tea to drink.

“Poke Salad”

This leafy vegetable unfortunately is no longer available as far I know. It used to grow in the wild and was cooked by the same method that Kale, Spinach and Collard Greens were cooked. If it were still available it would probably be marketed for sale the same as the other leafy vegetables of today.

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