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To Scotland and Back

An American Story by Robert G. Coston

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TO SCOTLAND AND BACK: Autobiography of Robert "Bobby" Coston, Maryland native who traveled to Scotland as a specialist in Electronic Communication intelligence for the United States Air Force.

Coston eventually lived fourteen years in Scotland, but this book tells a story more involved than just those years in a foreign land.

Coston's passion is to tell of the vanishing African-American culture of East Towson, Maryland. The people who lived there, their experiences and how the town once existed, and what it means today.

"Upon returning to America I really experienced what is known as “Culture Shock” after being out of the country for 14 years. In some aspects America had changed noticeably, but in other areas it had changed very little."

"As I matured and grew older I realized how important it was to be able to have knowledge about your past in order to be able to have a better future. I realize now that as a youngster the older African Americans avoided talking about slavery or the nearby Ridgely Plantation because they themselves were not too far removed from slavery itself. I realize now that most of the American school curriculum only scrapes the surface on this part of the history of our country." From the Author Interview

ISBN 978-615-28185-8
116 Pages

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