Book Cover To Scotland and Back

To Scotland and Back

An American Story by Robert G. Coston

This is the story of an African American’s journey in life, beginning in historic East Towson, Maryland, USA. He describes the years of segregation, and paints his life experiences in the military including living in Edinburgh, Scotland, for fourteen years. The unique part of Baltimore County aptly called East Towson has a history and culture that must be recorded and told to the rest of America, especially to our young people. Both time and progress almost succeeded in erasing the stamp of an African American culture as though it never even existed.

This book records some of the rich history and events of this almost forgotten African American community through my family connections as seen through my eyes. East Towson was a very close knit community. Its Black citizens maintained a proud neighborhood that now only radiates a shadow of its rich historical background. Is it destined to become just another name from the past in man’s quest for progress?

ISBN 978-615-28185-8
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Towson Maryland

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